“Regina Porten’s recent series of sculptures ‘A New Body of Bronze’, exemplifies the power of the aesthetic principle of abstraction at its best. In these works Porten fuses the imagery of human bones – recognizable and psychologically charged objects – with conceptual representations of human figures. The aesthetically essential ambiguity of the visual double-entente fully expresses the concept of abstract manipulation as the essential component of the aesthetic experience. That these anthropomorphic objects are also handsome and fluidly rendered further enriches their artistic value”.

David C. Levy, President | Sotheby’s Institute of Art
David C. Levy was President & Director of the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., 1991-2005; prior to which he was Chancellor of New School University (NY) and headed Parsons School of Design.

” I love the fluidity, movement and warmth embodied in each piece. The duets appear to be in intimate conversations. They’re very, very expressive with beautiful curves and lines that beckon. ‘Arabesque’, my favorite, reminds me of winged dancers exuding pure joy and brilliance. Absolutely magnificent work!”

Denise C. Jones, Senior Writer | Editor, University of Maryland Publications.

“As an artist, Regina Porten displays a love and excitement for her art and medium that come through in all her work. Looking back historically to learn her craft, she then uses that to create her own interpretations of classic forms. Porten’s new work takes her to the human body, a constant source of strong organic forms and brings them to life in new and exciting ways.”

Cynthia E. Palmieri | Managing Director Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, Historic Home, Artist Studio and Gardens of the Arts, Ann Weaver–Norton

“The most flamboyant piece in the show is undoubtedly Regina Porten’s ‘La Pinca’, 18 karat over 14 karat shimmering gold necklace that winds around the neck like an affable snake.”

Scott Eyman | The Palm Beach Post